Friday, September 25, 2009

Diamond loves nature

Diamond wasn't sure what she wanted. She
wanted something fun but yet different.

With the wide variety of Fimo Nail Art designs,
she selected flowers, bears, butterflies and glitter.

We ended up with a nature inspired design.

She was happy with her new exotic look.
Thank you Diamond

Fun with Crayons..........

Kendell wanted her nails to match everything she
wore. She decided to go with crayon nails. The
colors in her nails are red, blue, green, brown,
yellow, black, orange, gray and white. We finished
it off with a 3 D flower.

She received alot of compliments on the creativity.
This has been a hot seller. Thank you Kendell

On her way to the Amway Convention

Nina is ready for her big weekend!

Nina called for a last minute appointment. She has a big
convention this weekend for Amway. She will be dining
with company executives and wanted glamorous nails to
go with her evening dress.

She's wearing a black and white evening gown with
silver fashion jewelry.

She saw my hand model and loved the idea of white
tips with black and silver stripes. As you can see
from the pics, she's going to look great this weekend.
Nina I hope you have fun.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Need a hand?

Many times people come by and never get to experiment with
different styles or techinques. Well here are a few options for you..
Check out a few hands I have done.

Double click on any image to get a better view.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nadia's hungry for a change!

Nadia came by to have her nails done....
Originally she wanted plaid nails, but she was
hungry and decided on a fruit basket!

With many types of fimo nail art to choose from
(more than I can hold). She choose apple, watermelon,
bananas, kiwi, orange, (you get the picture).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yaritza & Denisse

Its so much fun for me when I have customer that lets me be as creative as I want.

Yaritza on the left and Denisse on the right came by with
their Mom to get something different.

Yaritza wanted something noticeable and fun!

Denisse wanted something elegant for a 17 yr old and different
black with zebra stripes.

Thank you Denisse and Yaritza!

My cousin Vanessa came by..

Today, my cousin Vanessa was scheduled right afterwork and she needed to relax! She sat at the spa and relaxed in the massage chair. She wanted something different that matched with everything she wore. I did a Full Set of neutral color nails and a pedicure to match.

After a moment, with some coffee and good conversation.
Vanessa was brand new again!

I consider this neutral but ellegant. Another happy customer.